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The Brand

The brand UniiquelyU is fast becoming a household name in Trinidad and Tobago.  Ever since penetrating the market in 2016, Uniiquelyu has become a “brand-name” in a short period of time. On social media, UniiquelyU is a phenomenon, with followers accumulating in every passing hour from all sectors, classes and niches locally, regionally and internationally. The brand has indeed evolved to become a pioneer of horizons, that the local fashion fraternity has never reached.

Upon further investigation, there are a number of reasons for this success, the primary being the product itself. UniiquelyU has disrupted the fashion industry, by presenting a high level of couture that maintains quality, with prices that are closer to those of mass production brands. UniiquelyU's creations are simply unique and distinguished from its rivals. This has made it impossible for the local fashion industry to stay indifferent. The feedback from fashion circles seem to suggest that UniiquelyU is fast becoming one of the most popular and sought-after brands in Trinidad and Tobago’s bridal and formal gown industry and is set to create quite a stir in the ready-to-wear scene.

Today the UniiquelyU Brand includes the famous luxury bridal line, a stunning evening gown collection and a beach wear collection which features swimwear, casual apparel and trendy sportswear.