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The Designer

The sole designer of the Brand UniiquelyU is Jenny Johnson. Jenny founded her namesake brand in 2016. After brainstorming on the idea of what business idea she can go into, the realization of going into something that she had a passion for and could pursue, triggered the birthing of the idea to bring the UniiquelyU brand into existence.

UniiquelyU has a sophisticated design style, defined by detailing and a meticulous understanding of the female form. With an elegant fashion style, refinement and glamour is the key. Jenny designs for women of fashion, who wouldn’t step outside without looking their best. This is achieved by creating pieces that are most glamorous and classy which are derived from the ornate detailing of French and European fabrics and adding the local style that places the design on a whole new plateau.

Aside from designing all the collections at the UniiquelyU Studio, Jenny is the creative designer behind the entire production processes still to this day. Despite the fact that the demand for her designs has exponentially grown since its inception, Jenny has taken the precaution to ensure that her details and ideas are added to every creation that has the UiniquelyU brand name tag. This attention to detail has created quite a stir within the fashion industry and the name and brand alike has spread among many social platforms.

Jenny quickly rose to stardom in Trinidad and Tobago’s fashion world after she managed to surprise even the most veteran fashion muse with her artistic approach to high-end fashion. Her collections are considered among the most praised and anticipated in the country.